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House numbers


Did you move into a new home or does your house number plate need to be replaced? Look through the great range of enamel number plates of EmailleGigant we offer! In our TopEmaille range you will surely find what you seek. Choose from either modern, classic or for example an Art Deco style number plate. This will really finish off the look of your beloved home!

Quality Enamel Signs produces all of her house number plates in a traditional way, all handmade. Every enamel number plate is produced in the oven at a temperature of 800º. The base of enamel is formed by milled pigmented glass. When the number plates are ready, and come out the oven, they have a wonderful shine. The main profit of enamel number plates is that they are not sensitive for discoloration, rust and scratches. With this in your mind, you know for sure your number plate will keep its wealth trough the years.

Besides the single number plates, we also offer enamel name plates. These can be ordered separately or in combination with a number plate. This will give you both plates in the same style. Do you have any specific questions or wishes? Please, feel free to contact us!

Do you want a name or text with your enamel house number plate?

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