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Doorbell nameplate model ear

Doorbell nameplate model ear
Doorbell nameplate model earDoorbell nameplate model earDoorbell nameplate model ear


A beautiful enamel nameplate with doorbell that will retain its deep color and shine for decades.
Available with 4 different color pushbuttons (see pictures)

The height and thickness of the letter depends on the number of letters because we produce full-screen.
Note: as you enter the text with upper and lower case letters, it is also displayed on the sign!
Delivery time for the handmade enamel doorbell signs is approx. 4 to 6 weeks.
The enamel doorbell signs are produced entirely manually. Per color in the oven at 800ºC. Base material 1.5 mm. sheet steel, convex in shape.

Delivered exclusive bell (push button only)

Model: BP-10


Model: BP-10

12 x 4 cm.

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