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Enamel Nameplates

Enamel nameplates

Quality Enamel Signs has a wide range of enamel name plates. We offer for example, enamel name plates like house nameplates, but also street signs (custom) we offer for very competitive prices! In addition, you have the choice of different styles such as the Amsterdamse School name plates and other modern and classical forms. Great as a decoration for your home or as a personal gift!

All enamel nameplates at Quality Enamel Signs are handmade, according to traditional methods. This means that the enamel name plates are baked in an oven at a temperature of 800ºC. The ingredients are ground glass and enamel pigments. After the enamel nameplates have come from the oven they shine beautifully. Because enamel name plates mainly consist of glass they keep their shine even over time, they don't discolor and rust and are scratch resistant. With enamel name plates you get a good purchase!

If you are looking for enamel name plates as an address designation for your house or apartment, we recommend you to look at our enamel house numbers also. We also offer combinations of enamel nameplates and house numbers in the same style. Moreover, you will spare money too!

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